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The Truth About Snips and Snails

I thought snips and snails and puppy dog tails was meant to be just a description of little boys’ personalities. I was unaware that it was actually describing the contents of their pockets.

Nate can’t pass up anything shiny, colorful, different, interesting, etc., on the dirty, dirty ground. Some of the stuff (leaves, acorns, hard berries, teeny flowers, yarn, twisty ties, broken pieces of colorful plastic) he presents to me as a special gift. Some goodies get shoved in his pocket for me to find later when I do the laundry. Unfortunately, I am a lazy laundry-doer, so I find it in the bottom of the washer or the dryer lint trap. One of these days, it is going to be a crayon, and I am going to be furious with myself for not checking his pockets before throwing his shorts in the wash. I know this. But let’s face it, just getting the laundry done is an accomplishment. Please no extra steps.

So today I dutifully clean out the lint trap and there is a small peacock feather caught in it. His school has peacocks roaming the campus, and he loves them. Clearly, this is a treasure.

I picked off the dryer lint and saved the feather.



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A Letter to Grandma

I don’t know where my son learned about writing letters (day care? TV?), but I’d say for his first attempt, he nailed it.

We just returned from a weekend with the grandparents where he was spoiled beyond belief. To try to balance out the expectations of get-get-getting, I suggested we write thank you notes. He started dictating. This is what he said to write to grandma:

Dear Grandma,
I hope I will see you soon.
I miss you a lot.
I like all the presents you hide around the house.

(Nate: age almost-4)


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