So About the Easter Bunny

We just finished Christmas with all its Santa stories and songs and movies, all of which paint a pretty nice overview of the fat man, his back story and motivations. Not that I have all the answers to a curious 4-year-old’s questions, but “Santa is magic” goes a long way.

Now we are looking forward to other holidays, and the one that has piqued his interest is the one that holds the prospect of more gifts … Easter. We’re talking about holidays in the car and he asks all of a sudden, “Where does the Easter Bunny live?”

Crap. Where does the Easter Bunny live?

I wrack my brain for any stories I can think of about the Easter Bunny, and I am coming up empty handed. I feel pressure to uncover some Easter Bunny details that will do the rabbit justice. I cannot think of a thing.

I confess: “I have no idea where the Easter Bunny lives.”

I wonder how this will go over, but then he laughs. “Mommy! He lives in the grass!”


Just goes to show you that sometimes, the simpler explanation is the better one. Grass. Right!


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