What kind of blog is this anyway?


Before I had my son, I read a lot of running blogs because that’s what I was really into. Then, I got pregnant and couldn’t get enough mom blogs. I really lucked out shortly after returning to work when I took over the Tribune/TBO.com mom blog — it combined what I was most interested in with a paycheck. Jackpot!

Except then I got laid off, and my blog went with it. I started this blog and a couple months later felt like I lucked out again, landing a social media job that allowed me to continue to blog professionally about my new industry.

I love having a job that allows me to write and stretch my creativity. But as the months have gone on, I have felt less of a draw to write here. I don’t know if I’m just spent by the end of the week or if I’m posting so much on other platforms that I don’t have enough material. Recently, though, I have noticed I’m experiencing something else … blog jealousy.

Not over other bloggers’ exposure or interaction. Over their subjects. I started thinking about all the topics I could cover if I had a running blog instead of a parenting blog. About the race reports I would write, the diets I could document, the solidarity I might feel with other fitness bloggers. It’s not a coincidence that I started thinking about this as I trained for a half-marathon and got serious about running a full one (January!).

Then I talked to a friend who questioned why my blog had to have a theme at all.

Thinking that I should switch from being a parenting blogger to a running blogger makes it sound like you’re one or the other. And I should know from following the Another Mother Runner community that there is plenty of crossover. Part of my motivation to run, after all, is to show my son all the things a mom can accomplish.

Yes, I am someone’s mom. I like to talk to other moms about gross things my kid does and take pictures of cute things he does, too. I have lots of questions and opinions on parenting. I also have friends and hobbies and goals and work and there’s a good chance I may like to write about that stuff, too.

It’s freeing to think of it that way. Why limit myself in my writing? This is my blog, I make my rules, and no one is telling me what to write except for me.

Don’t worry — no race reports yet. But I’m not making any promises for the future.



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2 responses to “What kind of blog is this anyway?

  1. I read it before somewhere that you need to find some “niche” for your blog… but I don’t want that either 🙂 this blog is meant to grow with me…

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