Amazon, my Easter bunny

Thank you, Amazon, for saving my Easter after I almost blew it in a bad way.

My son has never had a lovey, at least not in the way I think of it (fuzzy blanket, stuffed animal). But what he does have is a school bus that looks like a monster truck, and it must rank pretty high on his favorite list because he brings it to show and tell about, oh, every other week.

So of course it broke and broke spectacularly. The back wheels somehow came off and four adults tries to rig up a way to fix them with no success. And even though I have heard from friends and read on other blogs about having a back-up lovey, I never paid attention because it wasn’t really a lovey.

But he kept asking to see his broken bus, and he was so pathetic pushing it around on its two front wheels and being a real trooper about the whole thing. I felt so bad that I heard myself reassuring him that the Easter bunny would bring him a new one. I didn’t think he was really listening until he started reassuring me that the Easter bunny would bring one.

You know what happened next. I forgot to get the replacement bus. Then it dawned on me that Easter was, like, really soon. He just started believing in the Easter bunny and now suddenly I was going to screw it up over a stupid bus that looks like a monster truck. I felt like we had seen them everywhere but I couldn’t remember exactly where. Cue panic.

My husband stopped at the one store that used to have tons this morning, but they were closed. I high-tailed it from work to hit it before the day care pickup only to find they were all out of buses. I found a lone ambulance monster truck and grabbed that, hoping I could make a convincing argument on behalf of the Easter bunny about why this was just as good as a school bus.

Lo and behold, faithful Amazon saved the day. The site had a bus. It also had Prime shipping, which my husband qualified for through Amazon Mom (best perk ever and also why most of our family Christmas gifts came from Amazon). That little bus should be on my doorstep on Friday. Two whole days before Easter.

No sweat. Maybe I should have ordered two.



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