Potty training equipment you can’t buy

We have a potty chair and a Cars seat that goes over the “big” toilet.

We have at least two books that involve Elmo using the facilities, one about a bear that earns his “big kid underwear” and my mom tells me she picked up “Even Firefighters Go to the Potty.

We have Pull-Ups and training pants. Reward stickers. M&Ms for incentive. Special flushable wipes. A stool so he can wash his hands in the sink.

But there was a major piece of equipment I lacked when it came to potty training. And I realized what it was the day my son told me he wanted to stand up to pee.

Luckily, Facebook came through with lots of advice.

I checked it out and found out the ideas — even the odd ones — had merit. Check them out on my guest post at Whoa, Momma.



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