Valentine’s Day on a budget

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

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A few years ago, I told my husband no more roses on Valentine’s Day. Yes, they are beautiful, and yes, it is exciting to see the deliveryman show up at your office with a big bouquet just for you. But dear god. The cost!

Having a joint checking account takes a little bit of the fun out of the splurge.

This year, we went to just cards. Our budget for non-necessities had shriveled to pretty much nothing and we really didn’t need anything, so cards it was. A heartfelt message inside about what we loved and appreciated about each other would be more meaningful anyway.

But it’s fun to celebrate, so I planned a dinner that was nicer than what I would normally cook on a Tuesday. I bought the $7 red wine (fancy!) and baked some festive heart-shaped red velvet crinkle cookies I found on Pinterest.

He offered to handle the lonnnng bedtime routine for our son, allowing me to chill out on the couch with some time to myself.

Valentine’s success. And budget-friendly.


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